Ecuador – The Republic of Opportunities

24 May 2017

Ambassador Maria Soledad Cordova Montero of Ecuador to South Africa hosted an Expo showcasing products of Ecuador.  These included textiles, hats and chocolates made in Ecuador.

Ecuador is on South America’s west coast. The Galapagos Islands with its rich wildlife, the Amazon Jungle and the Andean Mountains make Ecuador one of the most bio diverse places on Earth.

The unique equatorial climate provides the perfect environment for growing cocoa. The cocoa is considered to be the finest in the world, being sought after by renowned chocolatiers the world over.

The famous ‘Panama Hat’ is made from the toquilla straw and has deep ancestral roots in Ecuador.


The hat provided protection from the sun for the builders of the Panama Canal and as demand grew and went global from Panama, it became known as the Panama Hat, although it originated in Ecuador.

Alpaca wool throws and scarfs including hand woven towels were on display at the Ambassador’s residence in Pretoria.

The natural abundance and beauty of Ecuador has made it a prime destination for tourism and travel.

K Bhana