The Ronnie Mamoepa Media Centre

25 July 2019

The ideals of freedom moulded the character of Mr Molapyane Ronald Ephraim Mamoepa, but so did the lessons learnt and challenges faced overcoming the inhumane apartheid policies including his own unjust imprisonment on Robben Island. Ronnie Mamoepa had a belief, a dream and a love for his nation. He committed himself to rebuilding a new South Africa, a country that he played a role in emancipating. He dedicated his efforts to government media and communications and is regarded as a pioneer for the role he played in the transformation and reconciliation. His approach was about the understanding of freedom of expression as stated in the South African constitution.

As spokesperson for the then Foreign Affairs Minister Dlamini Zuma, Ronnie gained insight into the workings of the world and diplomacy. He would have been the Presidential spokesperson in the Ramaphosa administration today. A position he would have relished.

In his memory The Ronnie Mamoepa Media Centre was unveiled by members of the family of Ronnie Mamoepa who were gathered among long term colleagues, friends, members of the media fraternity, and the Minister for Communications Mr Jackson Mthembu at the Government Communications Building (GCIS) in the City of Tshwane, South Africa.

The ‘Behind the Scenes’ tribute by long term colleague and veteran photographer at GCIS Mr Elmond Jiyane reminisced about his interactions with Mamoepa.  Program Director and Acting Chief of GCIS Ms. Phumla Williams who was initiated into communications by Mamoepa during their time at the Gauteng Legislature also shared memories of her camaraderie with Mamoepa. He had a fear of flying said Olefile Mamoepa as he paid tribute to his father, whose fear for flying motivated Olefile’s own career as a pilot.

The Ronnie Mamoepa Family Foundation has embarked on creating various commemorations that will keep the memory of his extraordinary life and his courageous contributions to the dream of a free South Africa alive.