Calling for a global ceasefire at UNSC

Joint statement by Mr Nicolas de Rivière, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations and Mr Kaïs Kabtani, Permanent Representative of Tunisia to the United Nations

1 July 2020
The unanimous adoption today by the Security Council of resolution 2532 on the COVID-19 pandemic, echoing the call of the Secretary-General for a global ceasefire, marks an important milestone.
Tunisia and France would like to thank all the members of the Security Council for their support and their spirit of compromise, which enable the Council to fully play its role in this unprecedented time.
Indeed, the engagement of the Security Council will be critical to mitigate the peace and security implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. This resolution is setting clear priorities: a cessation of hostilities, a humanitarian pause and solidarity to face the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no alternative to fight effectively the pandemic.
In this regard, France and Tunisia would like to pay tribute to the different UN entities, including the World Health Organization, which are playing a key role in the response to the pandemic. We would like also to commend the remarkable work of peacekeepers in difficult conditions.

The adoption of a resolution is never an end in itself. This resolution has now to be implemented. France and Tunisia will remain fully mobilized to ensure it, as our Ministers will reaffirm tomorrow at the open VTC on pandemics and security organized by the German presidency. The updates by the Secretary-General to the Security Council on the UN efforts to address the pandemic in countries in situations of armed conflict or affected by humanitarian crises will in this regard be essential.
The adoption of this resolution is also of high symbolic importance in the sense that it proves that should there be political will, Council members are able to go beyond their divergent views, prioritize the interest of international community and deliver a message of unity.
In this regard, it should be considered as a renewed faith in diplomacy and multilateralism.

Embassy of France in South Africa