Nelson Mandela Day 2011, Chicago  

The main focus of the South African Consulate General in Chicago’s 2011 activities for  Nelson Mandela Day, was reaching out to the tornado devastated community of Joplin, Missouri. Consulate representatives delivered 100 school supply packages to the Joplin Schools District on 18 July 2011. In addition, Consulate staff divided into 4 groups and engaged local communities by volunteering at the Pioneer Village Seniors Home, the Seward Park District Day Summer Camp, Literacy Chicago and Poder Literacy respectively on 18 July 2011. The Consulate’s efforts were welcomed and appreciated in Joplin as well as at the locations in Chicago and afforded the Consulate good opportunities to spread awareness about South Africa in the USA Midwest.
The Consulate’s initiative in Joplin in honour of Nelson Mandela Day was attended by ABC, The Joplin Globe and KOAM TV. The Joplin Globe published an article on 18 July  and KOAM TV posted an online video (South African consulate donates to Joplin schools (7/18-6pm).

Chicago Nelson Mandela Day pics, 18 July 2011

From left to right: Mr Lee Schultz, South African Honorary Consul to Kansas and Missouri, Dr CJ Huff, Joplin School District Superintendent and Mr Thoke Maleswena, Consul: Administration at the South African Consulate, Joplin

The hosts at North Middle School in Joplin presented a cake with the South African flag to the members from the South African Consulate who also brought a Nelson Mandela birthday cake, Joplin

Volunteers from the South African Consulate at the Poder Literacy Centre.

Seniors join the volunteers from the South African Consulate for a Nelson Mandela birthday cake, Pioneer Senior’s Home.

Volunteers from the South African Consulate and students at the Chicago Literacy Programme.

A birthday cake was delivered to each of the 5 locations where the Consulate was volunteering

Books donated to the Joplin School District Library 
Ms Nomntu Lavisa in traditional Xhosa attire, Poder Literacy Centre
Ms Audrey Nchee, right, volunteering at Pioneer Senior’s Home.

Children at Seward Day Summer Camp asking questions about South Africa.

From left to right: Ms Fransie Cooper, Ms Herron, Director, Seward Day Summer Camp, Ms Carla Cherry and Ms Kaba Chokoe 

Children at Seward Day Summer Camp listening to a presentation by members of the South African Consulate General.

Members of the South African Conslate General volunteering at Seward Day Summer Camp with an ABC TV News cameraman filming.
South African Consulate Chicago