Dear Friends

We would like to introduce you to our latest offering called the cultural diplomatic tour package.

South Africa offers diverse cultural diversity. We seek to create greater awareness amongst the diplomatic community of cultural events that celebrate this diversity and in so doing unlock potential in cooperation, cultural tourism, diplomacy and identify investment opportunities with these communities, sharing and exchanging cultures whilst experiencing the traditions, arts and craft, dance, music and cuisine.

The Ndebele Kingdom will be celebrating one of their greatest Kings, King Silamba on 3 March 2018 at the Komjekejeke Heritage Site, Walmansthal, North-East of Pretoria.

The event was launched in 1984 by his descendent and the current King Makhosoke II Mabhena. The event which celebrates Ndebele culture, arts and heritage seeks also to promote cultural tourism, contribute to economic development and attract investment in the Ndebele Kingdom.

Since its inception over three decades ago the number of tourists attending this event has grown immensely attracting people from South Africa and beyond. It is attended by approximately over 20 000 people from diverse walks of life. It is certainly one of the events worth experiencing in South Africa, offering guests the opportunity to experience and learn about South Africa’s rich cultural heritage.

Come and join us as we take you through the exciting cultural experience of the Ndebele nation.

For more information about the Cultural Tour packages kindly contact Mr Lunga Dikoloti on 0846361724 or Mr Kirtan Bhana on 0827700728.