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25 May 2018

DS: Last country where you were based before coming to South Africa

HE: USA, Washington DC, Embassy of the Republic of (Yugoslavia) Serbia.

DS: Most interesting place in South Africa

HE: I have visited many interesting places in South Africa, since it has been ranked among the most beautiful countries in the world. Soweto is one of them, especially nowadays when the Republic of South Africa and the entire world is celebrating the centenary of Nelson Mandela's birth 1918.

DS: Your impression about South Africa in 3 words

HE: Fascinating and most friendly country of exceptional natural beauty.

DS: One place you would like to be posted to or visit

HE: I wish I could visit the cradles of old civilizations in Latin America and the Far East.

DS: Most memorable appointment thus far

HE: Athens, Greece, the birthplace of democracy, philosophy, academia, Olympic Games

DS: Most challenging situation that you had to handle thus far

HE: During my more or less 40 years of diplomatic and consular career there were many demanding challenges.

DS: My inspiration is/comes from.

HE: My family, friends, colleagues and my country. My motherland Serbia makes me proud and inspired due to its modern, democratic and friendly concept, generous hospitality, rich history, diverse cultural and religious heritage and traditions.

DS: Place in your country that you love to visit.

HE: Frankly, there are a lot of them, but Belgrade is matchless, in spite of the fact that Serbia, as a four distinct seasons country at a crossroad of Europe, is a home of beautiful cities, fertile valleys, sunny and green mountains, blue lakes and rivers.


DSMost interesting place to visit elsewhere

HE: Kruger and other national parks all over the world, impressive Greek, Adriatic and Mediterranean islands, Sydney and Australia East Coast, Southern Swedish plains in the province of Skåne, the spectacular natural beauties of California and of course Serbia.

DS: Favourite dish of your country

HE:  Sarma (cabbage rolls), Kajmak (traditional dairy product), Serbian salad, Kulen (flavoured sausage).


DSTastiest dish of another country.

HE: Banjalucki cevap, Russian salad, Hungarian goulash, Greek souvlaki.

DSThe best book I have ever read.

HE: It’s hard to choose and select just one. I have too many favourites in various categories. But, let me follow proposition and try. Maybe, Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky, Kafka’s The Trial, Njegos’s The Mountain Wreath, Andric’s The Bridge on the Drina and unavoidable masterpieces of Shakespeare.

DS: At the moment I am reading

HE: MANDELA, Div dva veka (MANDELA, Giant of two centuries) by Momcilo Stefanovic.


DS: I spend my leisure time

HE: Reading and being with family and friends.

DS: One sentence describing a lesson that you have learnt from being a diplomat

HE: Most of all, I realized that diplomacy is an art and a diplomat is an artist. Diplomat, as a balanced, open minded and friendly individual, should be a patient listener, diplomatically skilled and honest person with a clear thoughts and messages.




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