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9 July 2018

DS: Last country where you were based before coming to South Africa

HE: I was the Consul-General of Turkey in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

DS: Most interesting place in South Africa

HE: So many…But a breathtaking experience is when you are at the very tip of the continent, at the Cape of Good Hope! Very exciting, very exhilarating.

DS: Your impression about South Africa in 3 words

HE: Beautiful, graced by God, a most fertile, and rich piece of land.

DS: One place you would like to be posted to or visit

HE: I like the Middle East, a neighbouring region of Turkey full of similarities with my home country; people, food, music, etc.

DS: Most memorable appointment thus far

HE: My first posting; Islamabad, Pakistan. Pakistan and the people of Pakistan have a special place in my heart.

DS: Most challenging situation that you had to handle thus far

HE: Whilst being a counsellor in charge of military operations at the Turkish Mission to NATO, the military operation started in Libya and I was 8 months pregnant!

DS: My inspiration is/comes from.

HE: My three naughty sons! Everyday a different story.

DS: Place in your country that you love to visit.

HE: Istanbul, a formidable city of the known and unknown beauties, everytime a new thing to explore and to fall in love with...


DSMost interesting place to visit elsewhere

HE: Venice – anything that a tourist would ask for!

DS: Favourite dish of your country

HE:  So many…but for one, the Turkish Breakfast is unique! A real feast for the morning time! Not just a meal, it is a culinary experience   


DSTastiest dish of another country.

HE: Butter chicken and biryani! Common to the Indian and Pakistani cuisines, I love!

DSThe best book I have ever read.

HE: My favourite book is “Forty Rules of Love: A Novel of Rumi” by Elif Shafak.


DS: At the moment I am reading

HE: “Bare” by Jackie Phamotse

DSI enjoy listening to……   

HE: Turkish music

DS: I spend my leisure time

HE: With my boys and family.

DS: One sentence describing a lesson that you have learnt from being a diplomat

HE: Always be positive and think pink but better take your precautions in advance against all odds!




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