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Paint the World

21 May 2017

Ms Lika Torikashvili, a Georgian teenager and five of her friends took some balloons and a guitar to a hospital in Tbilisi to cheer up patients with colour and music. This small but powerful and beautiful gesture inspired a global movement. ‘Paint the World’ is a cross cultural community across religions, race and gender which invites mutual support, solidarity and seeks to brighten the lives of people the world over through entertaining activities, music, art and dance.

Paint the world is gathering momentum having found associations in Europe, Asia and now in Swaziland, Africa. Ambassador Beka Dvali, Georgia’s Ambassador to South Africa hosted Paint The World founder Ms Lika Torikashvili and her Malaysian collaborator Ms. Aziza Aznizan at his residence in Pretoria to share information.

Malaysia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Mr Dato Badruddin AB Rahman was also present at the event to lend support to a unique project which was started by 14 year old Lika, a Jewish girl from a middle class family from Tbilisi, the Georgian capital.

The project is a celebration of young people who together work towards positive causes regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, or socio-economic standing.  It is a common cause to bringing about joy, cheer and expression of creativity.

The two, Lika (19) and Aziza (21), met in London, UK. A Jew and a Muslim who struck a close friendship, started questioning the divisions and conflicts currently dominating the monotheistic religions and beyond. They want to paint a new sense of belonging into the world and promote harmony and fun through the colour of life.

To give out colourful balloons, sing together, dance together, share your brush to paint a smile, a bit of your time and your emotion is the only investment you need to make.



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