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Peru National Day

15 August 2017

Ambassador of the Republic of Peru H.E. Mr. Nicolas Roncagliolo and Mrs. Antonieta de Roncagliolo hosted a celebration on the occasion of the 196th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Peru. The occasion was a celebration of Peru's diversity which Ambassador Roncagliolo said he wanted to share with the invited guests.

Speaking about Peru's diversity which gives it strength Ambassador Roncagliolo said, "Our diversity is not only about cultures, it is about people, music, kitchens, products,  dances, even with more than 50 native languages spoken in its territory. The five continents gathered in a single country with all the landscapes and all the people."

Photo: Ambassador Nicolas Roncagliolo with Mr Ebrahim Patel, South African Minister of Economic Development

Guests were taken on a trip through Peru's gastronomy and were entertained by Peruvian dancers and musicians.


Speech by Ambassador Nicolas Roncagliolo

Peru is a diverse country and has found in its diversity the strength that has led our country in recent years to be one of the most outstanding economies in Latin America.

Our diversity is not only about cultures, it is about people, music, kitchens, products,  dances, even with more than 50 native languages spoken in its territory. The five continents gathered in a single country with all the landscapes and all the people. That's why today we wanted to make a "Celebration of our diversity" and share it with you.

His Excellency, President  Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard marks today a year of Government, which has been characterized by respect for the rule of law and institutionality, while it has dictated measures aimed at promoting the growth of the economy.

For that reason, looking forward, the celebration of our bicentenary Independence in 2021, we have clear objectives contained in the “Bicentenary Plan:That includes reduction of poverty to a rate of 10% of the population, the universal access to health Insurance, and 85% rate of access to water and 95% to electricity.

Within the foreign affairs area, Peru wants to reinforce its presence in the African continent and to strengthen our relationships especially with South Africa, for that I would like to highlight the Official visit of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru, Ambassador Nestor Popilizio who will arrive in Pretoria on an official visit to sign the MOU in Political Consultations next October, which will be a solid base which we will continue to build our relationship and we will be able to reach new agreements in the political, economic,cultural and cooperation areas. We look forward to establishing the traditional bonds of friendship that we have with this wonderful country that so warmly welcomes us.

Peru and South Africa have several issues in common. Both are multicultural democracies looking for the economic and social well-being of their peoples. Located in the southern hemisphere we share common interests as developing societies. That is why on the day we commemorate the sacrifice of so many Peruvians to achieve our Independence, we want to join the celebrations of the centenary of the birth of Oliver Reginald Tambo, one of the key founding fathers of South Africa's liberation and constitutional democracy. Oliver Reginald Tambo, the longest ever serving president of the ANC, mobilized the international community to support the anti-apartheid struggle and his legacy and example remains to this day in the struggle that all South Africans carry out to build a just society and solidarity.

Receive the homage of Peru to such a great man.

Today you will appreciate our music and dances from the Andes, Afro-Peruvian folklore, our music from the coast and contemporary thanks to Peruvian artist who live in South Africa and always are keen to show its culture, talent and art.

We will also invite you to a trip through our gastronomy offering 4 of our different kitchens. For the first time in South Africa will be presented the exquisite and sophisticated Nikkei cuisine, born of those Peruvians of Japanese origin and the kitchen called "chifa", also born of the Chinese who came from Canton in the south of China to Peru in the nineteenth century and joined our society and now are part of our identity. For this occasion the chef Ricardo Quispe de CENFOTUR, prestigious educational institution of Peru that trains students in the tourism and hospitality industry is visiting South Africa and will offer you its expertise and culinary talent. We want to introduce also the South African young chef Mosa Mokgoera, who won a scholarship and made a stage in Peru this year sponsored by the Embassy of  Peru and CENFOTUR and thus we started gastronomy diplomacy between our two countries.

You can also appreciate our traditional Creole cuisine, and our Andean cuisine with dishes prepared with potatoes and quinoa.

Both we will be cooking for you today.

You will be able to appreciate and taste our products. Peru is home to 84 of the 117 life zones on the planet. Our flora and fauna astonish the world for its biodiversity, our
landscapes range from mountains to deserts, from the Amazon to the cold Pacific Ocean, from the moist forest to warm seas on the north coast. This has given rise to
a great diversity of products, cereals, fruits, vegetables that grow during the entire year.

The potato is a gift from Peru to the world. With more than 3500 varieties, we are the  cradle of this widely consumed tuber.  We also stand out as producers of the so-called "super foods". One of them, quinoa, has been consumed in Peru since time immemorial and today they can taste it in different forms, as we accustom in Peru. We
are presenting to you maca and yacón that grow in the Andes and that you will be able to try today as processed products.

Our climate, abundant sun and soils at different altitudes has allowed our country also to stand out in the production of non-native crops. Coffee, out of African lands and a
"gift" from Africa to the world, has found in our country an ideal climate and soil. We are thus a great producer of "organic" and “high altitude” coffee, grown at more than
1,200 meters in the Amazon and we are among the ten largest producers in the world.

Our coffee is of great quality and appreciated taste. We have prepared a coffee corner for your enjoyment with organic coffee coming from the Amazon.

Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you this afternoon to enjoy our diversity. Peru is a generous country that welcomes its guests with care and attention. Enjoy our culture
and diversity, and feel at home.

Embassy of Peru in South Africa




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