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Egypt Candidate for UNESCO

12 September 2017

Egypt Special Envoy has started an African tour to convey the Egyptian government's thanks for the African countries support to Minister Moshera Khattab as a candidate for the Director General of UNESCO.

Photo: Egypt Special Envoy Ambassador Mohamed El-Orabi and South African International Relations and Cooperation Deputy Minister Luwellyn Landers

The elections are scheduled for October 9.

Egypt Special Envoy, Ambassador "Mohamed El-Orabi" has started the African tour by visiting South Africa. The tour also includes Mauritius, Mozambique, Algeria and Morocco.

"Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to send envoys to countries that support the Egyptian candidate for the Director General of UNESCO, in the first phase, the African Group, in order to maintain the momentum of African support for it," Egypt Special Envoy, Ambassador Mohamed El-Orabi said.

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