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Remembering Olof Palme

21 February 2018

‘Apartheid cannot be reformed it must be destroyed’ quoting former Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, former South African President, Mr Kgalema Mothlanthe opened his keynote address at the inaugural Olof Palme Youth Lecture hosted at Freedom Park in Pretoria, South Africa.

Photo: Former South African President, Mr Kgalema Mothlanthe and Ms Jane Mufamadi, CEO of Freedom Park

"During more than three decades, Olof Palme consistently argued against the insanity of the apartheid system. He showed that not only is it incompatible with all basic values of a civilised society, but also that it is a threat to international peace and security. And furthermore he took action, and argued for action, to help abolish the system,” said Oliver Tambo, former African National Congress (ANC) President after the assassination of Palme in Stockholm.



Photo: 1. Ambassador Billy Modise 2. Ms Karin Hernmarck-Ahliny 3. Ivory Park secondary School Choir

Sven Olof Joachim Palme. a two-term Prime Minister of Sweden, was an outspoken critic of authoritarian regimes and imperialist ambitions and voiced support for third world liberation movements.

Several schools were invited to participate in the event organized by Dr Mukanda Mabonso Mulemfo, Founder of The Olof Palme Youth Education Initiative. The Ivory Park secondary School Choir presented a moving choral tribute to Olof Palme.

Ambassador Billy Modise, former Chief of State Protocol and Chief Representative of the ANC to Sweden, relayed fond experiences and memories of his interactions with Palme during his posting in Sweden, the loyalty of Sweden’s dedication to a free South Africa and the devastation of Palme’s assassination.

Ms Karin Hernmarck-Ahliny, Deputy Head of Mission at the Swedish Embassy in Pretoria described Palme’s Internationalist outlook, speaking of we, instead of them and us.

Mystery still surrounds the murder of Palme as the perpetrators of this cowardly act have not yet been brought to justice.

The initiative is to generate a continuous exchange between the youth of South Africa and Sweden, reflecting on the legacy of Olof Palme. Learners are invited to part-take and share views on various platforms on International Solidarity for peace and stability.



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