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Chinese Carnival raises R200 000 for wildlife preservation

4 March 2018

On 3-4 March, the Chinese Embassy in South Africa, the Chinese community in South Africa, including Taiwan compatriots, and the Chinese businesses and institutions in South Africa jointly held the Chinese Lantern Festival Carnival in China Mall Johannesburg in celebration of the 20th anniversary of China-South Africa diplomatic relations.

Photo:  Robin Xu, owner of China Mall, Ambassador Lin Songtian and Mr. Michael Sun, MMC for Public Safety in the City of Johannesburg

During the two-day event, a large scale charity sale was held to support wildlife protection in South Africa. Over 20,000 people participated in the event, including South African government officials, former government officials, members of the diplomatic corps, South African public, staff members of the Chinese Embassy in South Africa and Chinese Consulate General in Johannesburg, Chengdu cultural and arts delegations, the Chinese community in South Africa including Taiwan compatriots, Chinese businesses and institutions, and mainstream Chinese and South African press.


The event provided a great opportunity to celebrate the Chinese Lantern Festival, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of China-SA diplomatic ties, and to display the traditional Chinese culture, Chinese cuisine, and the friendship between the two countries and the two peoples.

Apart from art performances, the Chinese Embassy in South Africa, the Chinese Consulate General in Johannesburg, the Chinese community in South Africa including Taiwan compatriots, and the Chinese businesses and institutions together set up 60 charity sale shops, which in total raised 200,000 rand. The funds raised will be donated to the Kruger National Park to support wildlife protection.

Ambassador Lin, in his remarks said that the purpose of the Chinese Lantern Festival Carnival is three fold. Firstly it is to share with South African friends the joy of the traditional Chinese festival. Secondly it is to celebrate the fruits of 20 years of China-South Africa diplomatic relations, to thank the contributions from across the South African society, and to look forward to the bright future of China-SA ties. Thirdly it is to encourage the Chinese and South African friends to step forward on the occasion of the World Wildlife Day to loudly say no to illegal wildlife poaching and smuggling, so as to increase public awareness on wildlife protection.

Ambassador Lin said that respecting nature and cherishing life is the core value and pursuit of Chinese culture. The traditional Chinese culture calls for unity between man and nature, the essence of which is to regard man and nature as an inseparable entity, emphasizing harmonious development between man and nature. Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed that man and nature form a shared community of life. The human society must respect nature, protect nature, and follow the laws of nature. To pursue harmonious coexistence between man and nature is an important mission of upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.




Ambassador Lin said that the Chinese government always attaches great importance to wildlife protection, and has taken a series of major measures in legislation and enforcement to continuously advance the cause of wildlife protection. China has also actively participated in and promoted relevant international cooperation. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese government has taken unprecedented steps to combat illegal ivory smuggling. In an effort to further promote elephant protection, the Chinese government has taken the firm resolve to put a full ban on all ivory products, including the legally sourced ones from 31 December 2017, effectively putting an end to ivory carving, an intangible cultural heritage of China with thousands of years of history.

Ambassador Lin said that it is undeniable that there are still a handful of Chinese driven by interest who commit illegal wildlife poaching and trafficking. Their criminal activities gravely undermine the interest and image of China and the Chinese people. The Chinese government wishes to reiterate that it adopts a zero-tolerance attitude towards any Chinese who are involved in illegal wildlife poaching and smuggling. China firmly supports South Africa and other African countries to deal with relevant crimes seriously according to law. China is willing to strengthen law enforcement cooperation with South Africa, and resort to the strictest legal measures to punish and deter relevant crimes.

The two-day colorful carnival was successfully concluded deepening mutual understanding between the Chinese and the South African people, demonstrating the new image of China and the Chinese people, and showcasing the richness of the Chinese culture.

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