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ANC ward 82 meet Singapore

10 July 2018

The capital of South Africa, Tshwane is host to one of the largest diplomatic representations in the world. It has an advanced and developed logistic and infrastructure that allows missions to be resident in Tshwane as envoys to South Africa while serving several other countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) as well as in Africa.

Photo: (l-r) Andrea Kühn, Director South and Central Asia (DIRCO), Kgathatso Tlhakudi, Deputy Director General (DPE), High Commissioner Thai-Keong Chua of Singapore and Ambassador Vika Khumalo, former Ambassador of South Africa to Turkey, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan

A significant number of the diplomats reside in suburbs demarcated as ward 82 as represented in the Tshwane Metro council.  The African National Congress (ANC) Tshwane Region Ward 82 branch executive committee (BEC) members are utilizing the opportunity to interact with these high ranking officials of the diplomatic community in their area to exchange ideas and share knowledge.

‘Sharing the Singapore success Story’ with H.E Mr Thai¬-Keong (T.K) CHUA, High Commissioner of Singapore, was an event organized by the BEC that took place in the suburb of Waterkloof in Tshwane.

Singapore is at the top of many global indices with regard to Socio Economic standards; Singapore Airlines and Changi Airport rank among the best in the world; the GDP per capita at $50 000 is a hundred times more than a few decades ago when Singapore was a bug infested swamp.

Singapore has today positioned itself as a global hub and transhipment point.

What contributed to Singapore’s meteoric success and at what cost? What examples do these hold for South Africa? High Commissioner Chua shared the vision of Singapore’s leadership and experiences of the City State as it relates with South Africa.



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