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66th Anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution

16 August 2018

The Egyptian Revolution that took place on the 23rd of July 1952 paved the way for the adoption of a set of comprehensive reforms that resulted in fundamental changes in Egypt’s political, economic and social life said Mr Sherif Issa, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Pretoria on the occasion commemorating this event.

Photo: Ambassador Sherif Issa with Egypt's Presidential Aide Mr Sherif Ismail at the 10th BRICS Summit in Johannesburg

This revolution, said Ambassador Issa, initiated Egyptian championship of Liberation Movements across Africa, where Cairo was home to scores of African leaders in exile and provided liberation movements with extensive military and political support.

Speaking about the mastermind behind the revolution, Ambassador Issa said that President Gamal Abd El Nasser and the Free officers movement succeeded in the abolishment of Monarchy and the establishment of an Independent Republic of Egypt. President Nasser remains an iconic figure in the Arab and African worlds, particularly for his strides towards social justice, unity, modernization policies, and anti-imperialist efforts, he said

Nelson Mandela, whose centenary is celebrated this year, was insipred by President Nasser. The two met in the 60's when a strong relationship was instantly forged as their visions of a free and united Africa converged.  During Mandela's state visit to Cairo in 1997 he was awarded with Egypt’s highest honor by receiving the “Collar of the Nile”.

Ambassador Issa congratulated South Africa for its election to the non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council for 2019-2020, and for the successful organization of the BRICS summit in Johannesburg. Egypt's Presidential Aide Mr Sherif Ismail headed Egypt's delegation to the 10th Annual BRICS Summit on behalf of Egypt's President Abdel Fattah AL- Sisi. He was accompanied by Assistant foreign minister for international economic affairs Ambassador Saiid Hindam. Egypt participated as Chair of the G77+China.

Acting Director General of the South African Department of Home Affairs Mr Thulani Mavuso addressing guests said that there is great potential for expansion and diversification of trade between South Africa and Egypt.  South Africa, he said, is proud to be part of the Tripartite Free Trade Area through SADC and this presents an opportunity for trade opportunities from Cape to Cairo, with direct and indirect investment linkages within the 26 African nations.



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