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Lu’Sapho inaugurated in Women’s month

27 August 2018

Xhosa indigenous knowledge, culture and heritage will be used by Lu’ Sapho, an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) launched in August in Thandela Village, Willowvale – Eastern Cape.

As a family oriented organization the launch, in the month that South Africa acknowledge the women in their life, is significant.

Lu’ Sapho will focus on the most marginalised members of Thandela community, especially women and young girls. In the poverty ravaged area of the Mbashe Municipality which consist of ten villages with a population of around 15 000, the aim will be to provide basic leadership skills through academic guidance and other programs.

The region, characterised by high unemployment (87%) and economically inactive inhabitants is set to realise the value of the natural abundance of the environment they live in through projects envisaged by Lu’ Sapho.

Mentoring, support and direction that will raise consciousness of self and build values and standards and a holistic outlook on life will be available through the NPO.

Creating a knowledge-based support system and network in correlation with the local habitat will encourage a sense of dedication towards achieving independent goals. An emotionally safe space, somewhere to share dreams and hopes is the long term goal of Lu’ Sapho. It is about forming a community of self-determined young girls based on a lifetime of continuous learning.

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