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Palestinian visit to Pretoria

3 September 2018
By Shakira Akabor

Mrs Frihan Farrah, Rula Tamimi and cartoonist Osama Nazzal made up the group of Palestinians who visited Al Ghazali College on Monday, 3 September.

Mrs Farrah, or Umm Shaadi, is mother to 12-year-old boy Shaadi Farrah, who was the youngest child prisoner at the time of his arrest. Umm Shaadi’s heartwrenching story of her son’s imprisonment and torture for six consecutive days in solitary confinement shocked the audience into the reality and horror of the daily occupation by Israeli soldiers in the Al Quds area.

Despite her son’s suffering and torture, Mrs Farrah said she still considers her son lucky as he has not been shot by Israeli soldiers, unlike other children who were shot multiple times whilst in prison. She reminded us that her story is not unique, and that 350 families have had their children abducted by Israeli forces.

Learners from Al Ghazali College look at cartoonist Osama Nazzal’s work

Osama Nazzal works as a cartoonist for a Palestinian newspaper, depicting the plight and difficulties of daily life in the occupied territories. A large number of his printed cartoons were displayed on the walls of the hall, generating interest and a buzz as the audience gathered to view his work. He spoke of his own imprisonment and attacks on his house but he was adamant that he will continue spreading his message of love and peace via his drawings.

Finally, Rula Tamimi, cousin of the young Palestinian icon, Ahed Tamimi, spoke of the way in which Israeli soldiers torture and suffocate the inhabitants of their little town, throwing water bombs on their homes and on their children, with the purpose of harassing them to the point that they leave their homes. The Israelis then capture the land either to build factories or Jewish housing settlements.

The trio thanked the South Africans for their support of the Palestinian cause and for allowing them the opportunity to speak about their suffering.



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