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South African Youth Take Centre Stage in Egypt WYF

18 October 2018

Egypt is hosting the second edition of the World Youth Forum (WYF) during November 3rd– 6th, 2018, in the city of Sharm El Sheikh, under the auspices of H.E. President of the Republic, Abdelfatah El-Sisi. The Forum is one of the largest youth platforms on the continent where young people from all over the world gather to discuss and put forth solutions to the current pressing issues and challenges.

Photo: Ambassador Sherif Issa (centre) pictured with the youth

This year's edition is witnessing a strong presence by South Africans. A special session set aside to honor the legacy of the late President Nelson Mandela and a special invitation extended to his daughter, Ms. Zenani Mandela.

The honoring ceremony coincides with the centenary celebrations of Madiba's birth, and aims to highlight the example he gave to young people everywhere regarding the potential of every individual to enact change in their communities, their countries, and the world.

WYF will also feature three prominent young female speakers, and a large number of participants from South Africa. The speakers, who are taking part in the various panels and workshops, include the international climate activist, human rights defender, trailblazer and agent of change, Catherine Constantinides, and the Sub-Saharan Africa Analyst for Global Markets Research team at Rand Merchant Bank, Celeste Fauconnier;  winner of JSE Spire Awards in South Africa, and the Africa investor (Ai) Awards in New York. They will be joined by Ezlyn Barends, who is recognised as one of the Top 200 Young South Africans to watch and top 20 Inspiring Youth in South Africa, and co-founder of "Dream Girls Academy".

"WYF is a very enriching experience for World Youth to discuss different topics from their own perspective, and share it with policy-makers," said Egyptian Ambassador to South Africa, Sherif Issa.

"It is my greatest privilege to honor the invitation from the WYF as a key note speaker. I am excited to engage with young talented minds from across Egypt and the globe. We are more connected now than ever before, and I look forward to sharing my work as a climate activist, social cohesion advocate and agent of change for my country and continent. We can build bridges, find common ground and innovate for the future, through committed dialogue and engagement," said Catherine Constantinides.

"The time is now, more than ever before, to include the youth in government decision-making." said Celeste Fauconnier, "Giving youth the voice, also gives them the ownership and responsibility. Platforms, like the WYF, help with accelerating and expanding this dialogue" Fauconnier added.

"As a social entrepreneur with a focus on youth development on the continent, I am honored to be participating in the WYF and to serve as one of the South African Ambassadors. I look forward to having meaningful engagements that will spark public innovation, grow a dynamic network of young leaders and points of influence across the world, develop a deep sense of community on an international playing field, and to take action and make things happen once I return back home." Ezlyn Barends said.

"Egypt, through WYF, endeavours to promote dialogue and people-to-people exchanges with a view to nurturing mutual trust and understanding for better communication among world-future generations." Issa said. "We are very pleased with the participation of South African Youth leadership figures. We wish them a pleasant stay, and a rich experience, both personally and professionally, in Egypt." Ambassador Sherif Issa added.

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