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Grulac Film Festival 2018

25 October 2018

This year's Grulac Film Festival took place in Pretoria from 13 to 21 October 2018. Embassies and High Commissions which are part of Grulac (Group of Latin American and Caribbean Countries) showcased films from their respective countries at this festival of films and culture.

Photo: Ambassador Andre William Anguile of Haiti, Ambassador Francisco Berguño of Chile, Ambassador Soledad Córdova-Montero of Ecuador, High Commissioner Cyril Kenrick Hunte of Guyana, Ambassador Mairin Moreno Merida of Venezuela, Ambassador Ana Luisa Fajer of Mexico, Honorary Consul Susana Caputi of Bolivia, Ambassador Rodriguez Zavalla of Uruguay, Charge d'Affaires Roberto Ramón Recalde González of Paraguay, Charge d'Affaires Oscar Roca Ferrand of Peru and Third Secretary Hugo Bory of Cuba.

This annual event allowed the countries to show off their cinematic talents. The festival flighted fictional movies, documentaries and a combination of the two of various genres.

The Bolivian movie  "Even the Rain" opened the festival. This film is set around the water riots which took place because of the privatisation of the city's municiple water supply in Cochabamba, Bolivia in 2000. Two filmakers from Mexico arrive in Bolivia to shoot a film about the truth of the tyrant Christopher Colombus. The riots and locals involved prove to be a problem which the two men have to face.
A great display of art in filmaking was displayed by each country and was thoroughly enjoyed by the public.

By Dilon Bhana



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