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Cuban Culture Day

30 October 2018

Cuban culture and heritage was celebrated at Freedom Park in Pretoria where Cuban music, dance, fashion and cuisine were showcased.

“This is a special day for Cuba and for all people born in Cuba. In Cuba you can’t separate nation and culture! For us it is an indivisible concept,” said Ambassador Rodolfo Benítez Verson of Cuba.

Photo: Ambassador Verson pictured with guests

He said the occasion gave the Cubans an opportunity to celebrate their African roots.

“The presence of Africa is very strong in Cuba. We are a Latin African country. We are so happy to have so many friends of Cuba in South Africa celebrating together the Cuban culture and Cuba revolution,” Verson said.

The Cuban Embassy presented awards to several figures who have worked tirelessly in favor of the promotion and dissemination of Cuban culture in South Africa. Dirk Bandenhorst, promoter of the "CuDanza" ballet project, who for more than 15 years has worked with South African children from less favored communities, teaching ballet, with the methodology of the Cuban School of Ballet, was awarded.
Cuban ballet teacher Ayren Villalón Torquet was recognized, as well as Cuban dancer, Claudia Monja, one of the initiators of "CuDanza" and currently a dancer in the Johannesburg Ballet.

Recognition was also given to the Chilean Mónica Muñoz, who for more than 10 years has promoted Cuban Music and Dance through a project called "Cuban Style". Cuban Medical Brigade in South Africa and director of the famous Cuban women's choir Ensemble Vocal Luna, Wilmia Verrier, who led the outstanding performance at the Choral Olympics held this year in Pretoria, where that Cuban group won two gold medals, also received an award.

Ambassador Verson presented a distinction to Jane Mufamadi, director of Freedom Park, an emblematic place in South Africa which maintains the sanctuary that gathers the history of the Cuban internationalists fallen in African lands for the liberation of the continent and which has been a constant support in the dissemination of Cuban culture in Pretoria.





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