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Secret Survivor

30 November 2018

The movie "Secret Survivor" is a documentary about Veronica Phillips, a Hungarian Jew who miraculously survived the holocaust during WWII and is now living in Johannesburg,  South Africa.

Photo: Dr Martin Schäfer, Ambassador of Germany to South Africa with Veronica Phillips

Johnathan Andrews, the director, said that he timed the screening to coincide with Veronica's 92nd birthday. Veronica was present at the screening and interacted with guests.

The film features Veronica telling her story of surviving the Holocaust, with historians providing insights into aspects related to the time when the story took place.
German Ambassador Martin Schäfer in his remarks said that it was a miracle that just over 70 years later "we can all sit together as friends".

The screening was hosted by the Embassies of Switzerland and Germany in Pretoria.




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