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China’s work in SA for South Africans

7 December 2018

”China has a strong political commitment to support South Africa,” said HE Ambassador Lin Songtian,  China’s Ambassador to South Africa in his opening remarks at the launch of the the South Africa-China Economic and Trade Association (SACETA) Corporate Social Responsibility report of Chinese-Funded Enterprises in South Africa 2018 at the CSIR convention centre in Tshwane.

SACETA is a non-governmental organization set up and funded by Chinese funded and owned enterprises in South Africa with a membership of 130 businesses. General Manager Jinguo Zhang of the China Construction Bank Corporation in Johannes burg was elected as the Fourth Presidential Unit in July 2017. The member’s total investment in SA amounted to USD 13 billion across the many sectors of South Africa’s economy.

“The report not only records the achievements of Chinese funded enterprises in fulfilling social responsibilities in South Africa over the past 20 year, but also testifies to the continuous development of China-South Africa amicable relations”  said the General Manager Zhang.
The report clearly reflects the impact Chinese business has had on the South African economy in a wide range of sectors from financing, fundraising, alternate energy and infrastructure.

Although South Africa is considered the most developed economy in Africa, with a stable political and economic environment with a relatively high standard of living, unbalanced development, high unemployment and poverty still affects the citizens, the report states. Despite this, Chinese enterprises together with their South African counterparts have continued to make investments, and promote and make substantial contributions to the economic transformation of South Africa.

The report has numerous records, pictures and letters of acknowledgment for donations of cash equipment, the carrying out of repairs and maintenance and the addition of new structures at schools, hospitals and other social welfare projects.

Mariam Altman, a commissioner for the National Planning Commission of South Africa in the Office of the Presidency said that China is a fascinating country that seems to change every minute and has a continuous improving and learning capacity. She explained that China’s relation with South Africa as both emerging; developing nations has gone a long way in the past 20 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations.

The relationship has since leapfrogged into a comprehensive strategic partnership underpinned by four major platforms of the Forum of China-Africa Cooperation, BRICS, the Belt and Road Initiative and South-South Cooperation.

The SACETA report is published at an opportune time, a logical approach to the challenges can be turned, into opportunities at the dawn of South Africa’s 25 years as a free and democratic nation. Learning from the past mistakes, South Africa should especially recognize and comprehensively act on the significant opportunities in trade, tourism and investments presented.  The opportunity that was missed and squandered during the last commodities and resources boom cycle should not be repeated. K Bhana




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