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Women in Mining – Bloodless Diamonds Africa


The appointment of Dineo Peta to the positions of Managing Director of Staten Island Trading and Legal Director of Bloodless Diamonds Africa was unopposed. Having been part of the strategic management team set up several months ago to take Bloodless Diamonds Africa- a four year old mining contractor and diamond solutions company to the international playing field, she rose to the positions as a natural.

BDAfrica is partly owned by Staten Island Trading- a 14 year old mining equity holding company involved in Alluvial diamond mining in South Africa and which holds an equity stake in 3 operational diamond mines.

Dr/Adv Navin Naidoo, the outgoing MD of SIT has the utmost regard for this appointee. “Dineo is perfect for the role. A powerful exceptionally well educated,  self-employed, owns her own law firm, mining law specialist, environmental law specialist, litigation specialist, African woman and mother- we are bloody lucky to have her!”

Dineo has been part of the formidable Bloodless Diamonds Africa management team for some time. The CEO Hanita Muthray, an accomplished professional, entrepreneur and another powerful South African woman, will lead the contractor company as its CEO. The company has interest in diamond and Manganese mining in South Africa and is intending investing in a gold mining project in Zambia. The development of a diamond polishing plant in Johannesburg is well into final discussion stages and the Bloodless Diamonds Women in Mining Project will soon be a Capital Raising social development initiative designed to introduce previously disadvantaged Southern African women to the Southern African diamond mining and beneficiation industries as a funded social development exercise.

The BDWIM project intends assisting 1000 women in acquiring equity in BDAfrica and participating in the jewellery and diamond industries. We have innovated a way to empower Southern African women by leveraging on the huge foreign interest in Southern African resources. How we are going to do it is innovative but also simple. Equity stakes in the project will be sold for a heavily discounted amount to Southern African females subsidised partly by foreigners wanting to get direct access to small parcels of Diamonds from Southern Africa. The same service that the company then provides to foreigners that own an equity stake in it, “sourcing rough product, polishing, laser inscribing, certification, export would be offered to Southern African entrepreneurial women, or any individual identifying as a woman that is involved in the BDWIM project”.

BDAfrica has just acquired the operational plant and equipment used by its previous contractor on the iconic mine Diamond Lakes. Having produced 3500 over a 12 month period with numerous problems, the largest stone recovered was 11.2 ct and the most valuable a 4.2ct that traded for $4000/ ct USD.  

Having appointed the legendary James Campbell as special advisor to the Diamond Lakes project testifies to the expectations we have. “Campbell is probably the world’s best at assessing the viability of a Southern African Diamond resource- few would contemplate arguing!” is as much as would be said by Naidoo at first. “But that’s not the only reason we have him!”, “we want to go deep into the proven deposits, where that 11.2ct was found is ground zero with 50 metres of gravel underneath. We’re chasing Dragon’s Blood and Big Rocks”, referring to Red-Purple diamonds and stones bigger than 25 carats.

The company intends mining the legendary Pienaar’s Pothole on the Diamond Lakes Mine. “We needed someone like Campbell to plan this” referring to the expected expensive foray into deep Pothole formations containing proven large reserves of Alluvial diamonds.



October/November 2019











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