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Egyptian Coffee Morning

18 March 2019

Mrs. Dina Issa graciously hosted members of the International Diplomatic Spouses Association of South Africa (IDSA) on 14 March 2019 for their monthly coffee meeting. Mrs. Dina Issa is the spouse of Mr Sherif Issa, Ambassador of Egypt to South Africa.

Guest speaker Mr Fanie Vermaak’s interest in Egypt was sparked mainly by ancient Egyptian sports. Drawings and inscriptions on various monuments depict the many sports that were practiced by Ancient Egyptians and many of these are featured in the modern day Olympic Games.

Vermaak was privileged to travel to Egypt many times and he shared his experiences with the gathering. Egyptian astrology, the Nile, Aswan, the beauty of the Western Desert, the rich and captivating Valley of the Whales were just some of the sites that Vermaak presented.

A short video on Egypt’s tourist attractions was shown after which the members enjoyed delectable Egyptian cuisine.



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