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Diplomacy and Passion Maserati Quattroporte

Safe and sound is how a diplomat would like to return after carrying out a mission.  It may be the most satisfyingly career-enhancing assignment, or a complex and challenging task that needed to be accomplished. Or it may just be to make a statement on arrival.

Pictured at the Maserati dealership in Bryanston are Marc de St Pern, Operations Manager (l) and Rens Rademeyer, General Manager (r)

The four door Maserati Quattroporte (as the name obviously suggests) is the hallmark of Italian design.  It was modelled around people with a certain station in life, people that have proved themselves as worthy of the authority they have been mandated with. This luxury sedan is the perfect fit for professionals who qualify for the position they occupy and deserve the perks associated with the high office.


Unlike diplomacy however, the Maserati Quattroporte is equipped with an adaptive cruise control protocol which automatically maintains a safe following distance while adjusting to increasing and reducing speed flows with aplomb. This standard feature makes the journey effortless, safe and comfortable.

Every Head of Mission dreams of being blessed with the intuition of a forward collision warning and mitigation system with emergency braking. Not only is the Quattroporte powered by a V8 Bi turbo Maserati engine built by Ferrari, the advanced safety mechanisms keep the power in check to prevent any unwanted, undiplomatic incidents.

Many an Envoy could use an active lane assistant as they navigate the sometime twisty networks of diplomacy.  A monitor that keeps a check on the blind spot is certainly instrumental in avoiding a demarche or being made persona non grata. And all this driver assistant features while immersed in a luxurious, spacious interior with a responsive, easy to use touchscreen infotainment system which allows you to manage information on the move and record and broadcast through the mobile telephone interface.

Societa Anonima Officine Alfieri Maserati  started out as a workshop in Bologna, Italy in 1914. Alfieri Maserati, an Italian automotive engineer and racing driver, co-founded the company with his siblings who had a passion for speed and design.  Maserati’s racing pedigree goes back to why the company was established and had attained many successes in the different racing formats including Formula One. This racing prowess continues today and the technical knowledge gained through motor racing is adapted to enhance the driving experience of its road going vehicles.


Maserati pioneered involvement of women in motor-racing. Maria Teresa de Filippis took part in her first for a bet, and finished first in her category on her debut. The Maserati brothers offered her a seat in their Osca 1100 sport in which she recorded several top 3 places including 7 wins. In 1958 she became the first woman to enter Formula 1 racing and placed fifth on her first outing in a Maserati 250F. This kind of progressive visionary belief has been the trademark of the Trident emblem of the gods that still personifies quality, luxury, style and class of the Maserati brand known the world over, 104 years later.

The procurement department will do well to look at Maserati as an addition to their fleet of vehicles. The attention to detail and after sales service offer value additions that include an array of concierge services synonymous with the Maserati brand. Contact Maserati for diplomatic pricing today.

Driving Diplomacy by K Bhana



October/November 2019











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