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Canada Day 2019

27 June 2019

High Commissioner of Canada Sandra McCardell hosted a Winter Carnival in Pretoria to mark Canada Day. This will be her last celebration in South Africa as she completes her term at the beginning of August.

Photo: High Commissioner of Canada Sandra McCardell with Secretary of Defence Dr Sam Gulube

High Commissioner McCardell reflected on her time in South Africa and recounted some of her greatest memories which include:
•        Meeting many South African stalwarts of the freedom struggle, being inspired by what they achieved, and learning from South Africa’s experience of transformation and reconciliation – which has great meaning for the world
•        Witnessing Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney receive the OR Tambo award in gold – the highest award to a non-South African – for his work within the Commonwealth in the fight against apartheid. While PM Mulroney welcomed Nelson Mandela in Canada only a few months after his release from prison, Nelson Mandela addressed Canada’s Parliament before his own.

•        Welcoming President Ramaphosa to Canada for the G7 Summit in June 2018.
•        The launch of the Southern Africa-Canada Chamber of Commerce, and exciting and growing science and technology and innovation partnerships.
•        And getting out of the office to meet inspiring South Africans in all sectors of society – and having the opportunity to support some of their great work.

She mentioned some of the Canadian funded projects supporting South Africa’s development which include: support to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, Women’s Voice and Leadership project with Gender Links, Building a Capable State project with Treasury, a project supporting social housing through NASHO and the Social Housing Regulatory Authority, and a new Ethics and Integrity project with the DPSA.

High Commissioner McCardell concluded by saying that as she passes on this fabulous posting to her successor, “I am excited for the opportunities – both Canada and South Africa find themselves sharing so many goals –inclusive economic growth and jobs for our citizens, a cleaner planet for our children, good governance, and peace for our citizens. I am delighted at the commitment as both our countries now have achieved gender parity in Cabinet. We hope to be privileged to be able build on South Africa’s success in the UN Security Council with our own term in 2021-22.”



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