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Venezuela National Day celebrated with the children of Soshanguve

5 July 2019

It’s not only toys, Venezuelan diplomats also wanted to share their traditions with the children of Luvuyo Orphanage Home, in celebration of the occasion of Venezuela's independence from Spanish colonialism on July 5, 1811. Today marked 208 years.

35 children, 12 social workers, employees of the Orphanage and some people from the community enjoyed a Venezuelan breakfast called Arepa, which is made with the same South African white maize meal, some even called it pap cookies, because it reminded them of the popular 'PAP'.

They spent the day together drawing Venezuelan and South African flags and several colouring books brought from Venezuela with interesting paintings on the liberation process of Venezuela led by their hero Simón Bolívar. Afterwards, they shared a warm traditional Venezuelan soup, ideal for the winter.

The centre manager, Ms. Lindiwe Nokwali, said that this kind of initiative is greatly appreciated because during holidays they struggle to deliver new experiences for the children.

“We find it important to take forward our commitment to the friendship and solidarity between South Africa and Venezuela, thus, we decided to spend time with those in need to bring smiles to many deserving faces in the community,” said Ambassador Mairin Josefina Moreno-Merida of Venezuela.

In the current situation of US-led aggression against Venezuela’s right to self-determination, the traditional diplomatic reception is not enough to achieve Venezuela’s purposes of approaching the people and strengthening international solidarity.

As Venezuelans in South Africa, July gives us the opportunity to embrace Mandela Month heeding the call to action to recognise as people our individual power to make an imprint and change the world around us. It matches perfectly with our continued struggle in making sure that the world is fit for humanity to live in.

Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in South Africa




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