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A showcase of Tunisian jewellery

20 February 2020

Amel Henchiri, a Tunisia jewellery maker was inspired by jewellery that her mother and aunts wore, jewellery passed down over generations. Jewellery is heritage, said Henchiri, and not wanting old jewellery to be destroyed, Henchiri came up with the idea to give new life to this jewellery adding her own special touch.

Photo: (l-r) Amel Henchiri, Elif Çomoğlu Űlgen, Ambassador of Turkey, Narjes Dridi, Ambassador of Tunisia and Zodwa Lallie, Deputy Director General at the SA Department of International Relations and Cooperation.

Henchiri comes from Jerba, an island in the south of Tunisia that is steeped in history and is well known for its preservation of its traditional dress and jewellery culture. Having studied jewellery making in Belgium she has adapted techniques which resulted in her own distinctive style and she has exhibited her creations internationally.

On a recent visit to South Africa, Amel Henchiri was hosted by Ms Narjes Dridi, Ambassador of Tunisia in South Africa at her official residence where she showcased her beautiful creations.

Explaining her process, Henchiri said that her art is an expression of herself and that she takes inspiration from traditional jewellery. Fashioned for the modern day woman, her creations are unique and can be worn to adorn every day.

Many of the jewellery pieces displayed were made from amber which for centuries has been used as a jewel and art object. Amber’s allure is that it is fragrant and luxurious to the touch besides the spiritual properties it is believed to have.

Guests had the opportunity to make these beautiful creations their own.




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