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2nd Wave

by Dieter Brockmeyer, Senior technology, innovation, media and entertainment expert and co-founder of Diplomatic World Institute, Brussels

17 July 2020

It is now about six months into the global pandemic and there are countries that seem to be past the worst, in Asia, and Europe, and others that are in their peak, in Latin America, the US and also South Africa…  And already fears of a second wave are spreading. It could be easy: Stick to the rules! But people are getting tired of it – self isolation or simple distancing does not correlate with human nature. When infection rates are low, why bother. Moreover, the fears of pitiful deaths lead to suppression and cause conspiracy theories: The virus is a hoax released by “the elites” to suppress the public. This provides the base for ignoring the danger. This is nothing new. Similar behavior has been reported during other outbreaks in history.

But, of course, this does not help control the situation. Other problems are not easy to handle either. In many big cities around the globe there is simply not enough space to provide the chance of sufficient distancing, especially in the poorer quarters. While in some countries masses of people started partying again, ignoring the rules and providing breeding ground for the expected second wave. In other countries conditions do not make it possible to stick to the rules.

Therefore, this pandemic will stick. Now, it seems that researchers are making good progress in developing vaccines. If all goes well, a first one may be available from the end of this year, one developer says. However, there is always the chance of setbacks, most scientists warn. And then billions of doses need to be produced and distributed. This will take some time. And people need to accept to be vaccinated, some being highly suspicious.

We need to accept: the situation will be like this for a while. It is not a new normal, at least not for eternity, but we will be changed when we come out of it. This again provides a big opportunity for turning things for the better. The price is high, but the outcome can be worth it – if we take this chance.

As a matter of fact: We have no other choice than taking this chance!




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