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The Uruguayan Postal Services issued a commemorative Nelson Mandela stamp in December 2011 in celebration of the UN Year of Afro-Descendants. The issuance of the stamp was the culmination of a number of high profile events in Uruguay around the Year of Afro-Descendants involving the Mundo Afro Organizations, all levels of Government (central, provincial and local), civil society and the Embassy.  It was also in the spirit of a number of events around Mandela Day, also involving all levels of government, civil society and the Embassy.

Given the close cooperation between the Embassy and the Afro-Descendant community in Uruguay and the Embassy’s good working relationship with the Nelson Mandela Foundation that participated in a conference on countries in transition in Uruguay earlier this year, the Embassy facilitated the approval of the Nelson Mandela Foundation to the issuing of the stamp.

The image that had been approved is an artist impression, created by a Uruguayan Afro-Descendant Mary Porto Casa, based on a photo chosen from the photo gallery of the Mandela Foundation.

In a press release by the Uruguayan Postal Services the following is said about Nelson Mandela: “There is probably not a more popular, admired and universally respected person in the politics of our time than the South African Nelson Mandela, icon of the struggle against Apartheid, former leader of the ANC, first black President of South Africa and Nobel Prize Winner”.

A series of two stamps have been issued in commemoration of the UN Year of Afro-Descendants, the other stamp being based on an artist impression of “The Afro-Descendant Woman” by the same artist.

The issuance of this commemorative stamp is a manifestation, not only of the admiration for Nelson Mandela, but also of the tireless work of the small, but active Afro-Descendant community in Uruguay.  

SA Embassy Montevideo, Uruguay





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