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Australia’s role in peacekeeping


Australia’s High Commissioner, HE Mr Graeme Wilson, answers a question at the ISS seminar on 27 September

Australia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, HE Mr Graeme Wilson, addressed a seminar convened by the Institute for Security Studies on Friday 27 September in Pretoria. The theme of the seminar was ‘Peacekeeping in Africa and the Pacific: perspectives on the role of the UN Security Council and Small Arms’.

The High Commissioner was joined by co-speakers Andre Roux (Senior Researcher, Training for Peace program, ISS Pretoria) and Nelson Alusala (UN Group of Experts on the DRC).

High Commissioner Wilson’s presentation highlighted Australia’s UN Security Council objectives for its 2013-14 term and the outcomes of its month as UNSC President during September, including the adoption of the first ever Security Council resolution on small arms and light weapons.

The Australian-led initiative on small arms was praised by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon as a measure to help address ‘a growing and disturbing source of arms for pirates, rebels, and warlords’.

In his presentation, Nelson Alusala noted the importance of progress on small arms and light weapons treaties for Africa given the widespread use of such weapons in regional conflicts. Nelson Alusala and Andre Roux discussed current peacekeeping issues in Africa, with a focus on the situation in the DRC.

The discussion complemented the points made by the Australian High Commissioner about lessons learned from Australia’s role in peacekeeping in the Asia-Pacific.

The seminar was attended by representatives from the diplomatic, government and NGO community and a lively discussion followed the presentations from the three speakers.

Australian High Commission, South Africa






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