Egypt meets the Astronauts of Nurtured Mindz Academy in South Africa

Habiba Abdel Razek back row 3rd from left), the spouse of the Ambassador of Egypt to South Africa, Ambassador Ahmed El Fadly with spouses of the Embassy staff and learners and staff of Nurtured Mindz Learning Academy

31 May 2021

On the 25th of May 1963, the Organization of African Unity (OAU) was founded by 32 African countries to unite the African continent. As a founding member state, Egypt has been preparing young generations to assume their responsibilities in building a better future for their continent.

With this in mind, the Embassy of Egypt in South Africa participated on Friday, May 28, 2021 in a celebration called “Egypt meets South Africa” held by Nurtured Mindz Learning Academy in Soshanguve, on the occasion of Africa Day 2021.

Nurtured Mindz Learning Academy started in the community of Soshanguve in 2015. The Academy currently serves 92 children with ages ranging from 18 months up to 6 years. The theme of the Academy is based on the universe, where the classes are named after planets and the learners are called astronauts. The aim of the Academy is to ensure school readiness for learners in all aspects as much as possible, and also to create interest in areas that are not so popular or recognized. Despite being at a developmental stage, the staff members of the Academy strongly believe that their astronauts can reach the moon.

"It was an amazing day. We, the spouses of the Embassy staff, came to increase the awareness of the Nurtured Mindz about the rich and diverse culture of Egypt, and its African heritage. We were keen, in collaboration with the academy staff, to make the event look as if we were actually in Egypt, with the decoration, the flags, the clothing, the music and the cuisine", said Ms. Habiba Abdel Razek, the spouse of the Ambassador of Egypt to South Africa, Ambassador Ahmed El Fadly. "The event focused on learning about Egypt and celebrating the Egyptian culture with all Nurtured Mindz astronauts", added Ms. Abdel Razek.

All astronauts dressed up as Egyptians, feasted on Egyptian cuisines, learned basic Arabic words, sang and danced against the backdrop of Egyptian music and songs.


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"We happily accepted the request by the Academy and were greeted by the young astronauts welcoming us with handheld flags of Egypt and posters about it. We all enjoyed the various activities that we had with the young astronauts including drawing and painting in customized colouring books of pharaohs that we brought with us, as well as taking pictures with imitated statues of pharaohs" Ms. Habiba Abdel Razek said.

Egypt day in Nurtured Mindz Learning Academy was yet another opportunity for Egypt and South Africa to enhance their people-to-people relations, as part of their ongoing efforts to strengthen bilateral cooperation.

by Ayman Walash, Counselor - Head of the Press & Information Office, Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Pretoria, South Africa