Celebrating the monumental legacy of Lemma Guya

Artist Netsanet Lemma with her father the late Dr Laureate Lemma Guya

20 June 2022

The Lemmism Art Center in Bishoftu town in Ethiopia is an acknowledgment of the late Dr Laureate Lemma Guya, one of the world’s most prolific and talented Ethiopian artists. Guya was born in 1928 in Ada’a, Oromia, Ethiopia and produced around ten thousand original works during his life. Even Emperor Haile Selassie I recognized Guya’s talents and ability and sent him for training as an airplane technician with the Ethiopian Air Force.

There Will Be African Victims of Russia’s War, Warn Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Olusegun Obasanjo

The former presidents of Liberia and Nigeria believe the UN is no longer fit for purpose.

by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Former President of Liberia and Nobel Laureate and Olusegun Obasanjo, Former President, Republic of Nigeria; Chairman, The Brenthurst Foundation

20 June 2022

The continuation of the war in Ukraine is of great concern to Africa. It is time that Africans spoke out in our continent’s interests.

Even before the war, Africa faced a perfect storm. It suffered from isolation from global supply chains during covid-19, stalling the economic recovery that was beginning to take shape. A debt crisis looms, with 25 African countries in debt distress or at high risk of defaulting, with Zambia and Nigeria among the worst affected. This is all happening against the backdrop of a rapid demographic change. The continent’s population will double to 2.5bn over the next generation, and most of this new cohort will live in cities. Although the shift will bring advantages, it will also place greater pressure on food supplies and on infrastructure.

Groundwork for Lasting Association

20 June 2022

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the China-Africa youth organizations 
strive to push forward collaboration through various activities
By Donatien Niyonzima

CAYF holds its first anniversary celebration, on December 18, 2020 (CAYF)

The youth play an important role in fostering China-Africa relations in a variety of ways. They serve as the foundation for the initiatives undertaken by the two sides. Their contribution is reflected through many youth organizations that operate in various fields such as culture, investment, cooperation, tourism, and so on. Among these is the China-Africa Youth Federation (CAYF), which was established with the goal of providing a platform for communication and friendly consultation among the youth engaged in economy, culture, education, and other areas.

Unbound – Twitter Thoughts for the heart and mind

Pictured (l-r) Verlaine-Diane Soobroydoo, former Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka and Ambassador Tariq Al-Ansari

15 June 2022

Bridging the traditional with the digital, this work by Verlaine-Diane Soobroydoo brings a new definition to the concept of hybrid. Breaking through is never easy, it is always accompanied with toil and tears, hesitance, and the fear of failure. But when you are ready, as Verlaine herself says, the teacher will appear.

Russia Day in South Africa

Ambassador Ilya Rogachev with Minister Thulas Nxesi

15 June 2022

Russia Day is celebrated on 12 June and at a gathering in Pretoria marking this event, Mr Ilya Rogachev, Russia’s Ambassador to South Africa said that Russia is a unique land with more than a thousand years of history (beginning from Novgorod founded in 859) and rich cultural heritage. The country stretches over a huge space of eleven time zones and serves as a home for hundreds of ethnic groups and followers of the world’s major religions, united in a single state.

Israel celebrates 74th Anniversary

Ambassador Eliav Belotsercovsky with His Grace, Bishop Dr. Lekganyane

15 June 2022

Eliav Belotsercovsky, Ambassador of Israel to South Africa hosted a function to celebrate the 74th anniversary of Israel’s independence. Belotsercovsky said that during these 74 years Israel has moved a long way since its main exports were Jaffa oranges. Israel today is known as a Start-Up nation, a world hub of innovation and entrepreneurship and based on the GDP per capita is the 28th economy in the world. It is a world leader in Agriculture, Water management, Cyber Technology, Automotive industry, to name but a few and boasts 8 Nobel Prize laureates in sciences.

QBP2022 – A Royal Affair in Pretoria

Zane Dangor, Director General at the Department of International Relations (Dirco) cuts the celebratory cake with British High Commissioner Antony Phillipson

15 June 2022

A haze of purple created a royal ambience at the official residence of the British High Commissioner in the Jacaranda City on 9 June. Antony Phillipson hosted guests to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday and her Platinum Jubilee, 70 years on the throne. The celebrations were a tribute to Elizabeth II, the epitome of a glorious matriarch and an inspiration of leadership to kith, kin and country.

Mlambo-Ngcuka presented with Order of the Rising Sun

15 June 2022

On 10 June 2022, Norio Maruyama, Ambassador of Japan to South Africa presented Dr Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, former Executive Director of UN Women and former Deputy President of South Africa, with Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun. Ambassador Maruyama expressed his appreciation for Dr Mlambo-Ngcuka's contribution to the strong partnership between Japan and UN Women.

Africa’s youth dividend and Korea

14 June 2022

When Ambassador Chull-Joo Park of the Republic of Korea to South Africa introduced the panel of esteemed luminaries in his opening remarks, it was fitting that he invited former Ambassador of Korea to South Africa, Prof Jong-dae Park for his insights. ‘Reflecting on Korea’s Economic Development’ was the title of the hybrid seminar hosted jointly by the Embassy of Korea in South Africa and ACCORD (The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes) at the CSIR Convention Centre in Pretoria, South Africa.

A healthy and productive ocean is our collective responsibility - World Ocean Day 2022

8 June 2022

This year World Ocean Day is being celebrated under the theme “Revitalisation: Collective Action for the Ocean”.

World Ocean Day is celebrated annually and has a history spanning over two decades. The United Nations' World Commission on Environment and Development commission in its seminal Our Common Future report highlighted many of the environmental problems plaguing the planet. The report noted that while the oceans were being adversely affected by climate change just as much if not more than farmlands, forests and other sectors, it lacked a strong voice.

Somaliland is an Unrecognised African Success in a Notoriously Troubled Region

Somaliland is a remarkable – albeit lonely – success in a notoriously troubled region. International recognition of it as a sovereign country in the world community would be an investment in Africa’s stability.

by Greg Mills, Director, The Brenthurst Foundation

6 June 2022

Twenty years ago, images of the port of Berbera told the story of a country at the bottom of a deep hole, ravaged by war, crimped in the pincers of the Cold War. A few rusty coastal transports then lined up along the 650m quayside – half of them built by the Soviets, half by Washington – next to a number of wooden dhows loading livestock for Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The harbour was dotted with sunken vessels.

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